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Why choose California Shine Dental

We Are A Different San Jose Dental Clinic

  • We are a full-service dentistry with a team of highly qualified dentists. Dr. Gagan Sandhu, Dr. Hesham AmerDr. Mandeep KaurDr. Siamak MadaniDr. Catherine Varsanyi.
  • We treat every patient individually from children to adults. We look at each patient individually and recommend the treatment that makes the most sense. We will also plan your dental health so that you can keep your beautiful smile for years!
  • We will tailor your treatment specifically to your needs and concerns. Most of our patients are by referrals. Three generations of patients (grandparents, parents, kids) is a testament to our commitment and care to the community.
  • We use the latest technology and the best materials available. We use the latest techniques, equipment, and materials to ensure the best quality of work possible.
  • We are located in an easy and accessible location in San Jose. We are conveniently located on the crossing of White Road and Aborn in a big shopping center.
  • We are open on Saturday and till late in the evening. We offer a broad selection of days and hours to accommodate your busy schedule. Late Evening and weekend appointments available for your convenience.
  • We accept emergencies. 
  • We maintain highest standards. In our clinic, we only use distilled water for all treatments.