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Dr. Hesham Amer

Dr Hesham Amer

Dr. Hesham Amer, a well-known orthodontist in Santa Cruz – California, has been practicing orthodontics for over 20 years and has been teaching the post doctorate program at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco for 12 years. You will find him friendly and always available to address your concerns. He has been lecturing nationally and internationally in the field of orthodontics and on interdisciplinary approach for the best patient treatment outcome. Dr. Hesham Amer is the founder & currently the president of the Dentistry World Study Club (DWSC) based in San Jose, California.

My main practice is in Santa Cruz, California. I joined Dr. Sandhu here three years ago. I actually get to treat more adults and kids. The best time to really get to see the orthodontist is starting early. Actually, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that each kid gets to see the orthodontist by age seven. The reason for that is that even though the permanent teeth are not fully erupted but you can redo a lot of modification for the growth for the patient at that age that we can not do later on. So typically at age seven would be the best time to start, even though we’ve been treating patients at age 12, 16, teenagers, all the way to 83 years old, that’s my oldest patient.

Actually, treating some of the staff here was actually something that I am proud of. You get to see them every month, every time you get to work here and you get to see the smile on their face, and you’re proud that you have achieved that for them, and it’s very rewarding if you get to see them on a daily basis.